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We love to hear about how you've used the BirdieBall to improve your golf swing, bond with your children, create a new game or just plain have fun with the gang. Please click on "contact us' at the left and send us an e-mail telling us how you've used the BirdieBall and the StrikePad.

John and Paul - The BirdieBall Guys


If ever a better training product has been offered which exceeds the benefits of 'BIRDIE BALL' I would sure like to know what it is. Nick Cercone

Happy golfer in Mallacoota, Australia

Dear John,

Received my BirdieBalls and Strike Pads in only six days and love the product. With a mate of mine we hit BirdieBalls back and forth and our golf is improving. It is making my golf swing more consistent and on the correct line. I took 8 shots of my game today, and won the mid week competition. Thank you very much for the great service, you and your company has provided.

John Bell

This Product Saved My Golf Game

Dear Paul,

I am writing to thank you for the BirdieBalls. I am obsessed with practice and despise hitting the rocks furnished at the range. For more than twenty years I have had a net and a professional type mat in my driveway. This setup allowed me to hit hundreds of real golf ball every day the weather permitted. The result of all this “ball banging” has been marginal improvement [with a net, one cannot see the ball in flight], and arthritis so bad that I had to have both thumbs reconstructed last winter. The very painful surgery which kept at least one hand in a cast from October 2003 to April 2004, allowed me to continue to play golf but with very weak ant tender hands and wrists. The doctor attributed the damage to my obsessive practice and he and Mrs. Hacker forbade me to return to the net. With weak hands and no practice, I was barely able to hit it past my shadow and struggled to break 85. This, of course was unsatisfactory [I was a 5 before surgery]. When I discovered an ad for BirdieBalls on some website, I was intrigued by the claims of the product, particularly the striking pad. In fact it was for the striking pad that I originally purchased the product [as a replacement for my mat]. When I received my set, I went out back, laid down the striking pad and hit a six iron just to see what happened. Wow! It felt like a real golf ball. It actually flew like a six iron while remaining in my rather small yard, and with absolutely no painful jarring at impact. I have been using BirdieBalls for about two weeks now and I am back in the 70’s. Because I can see the flight of the ball, diagnosis and correction is quicker, requiring less time for full swings and more for putting. Can you develop a product that eases the backache of putting practice? Very few products exceed expectations, BirdieBalls do. You can take my favorite driver, wedge, or putter – but don’t touch my BirdieBalls! Sincerely,

Joe Hacker [real name]

Happy Doctor

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll be sure to tell others not only how great the product is and how realistic the pad is, but how impressive the customer service is! You are an A+ company and I'm glad to have done business with you. You earned yourself some free advertising...I'm going to tell everyone at the course about your balls. Incidentally, I found out about the balls on Cold Pizza on ESPN2.

Dr Matthew

I can see my ball flight

After repeated purchases of 'other' limited flight golf balls - I was tired of buying them - unrealistic ball flight and they just don't feel right. I found Birdie Ball on accident on the web and couldn't have been happier to have found the site. I called the company and ended up talking to a really nice guy on the phone who was very passionate about the product. I was sold immediately. After I had completed my order I asked for the gentleman's name and it was John Breaker - the inventor of Birdie Ball. I got my 2 dozens of Birdie Balls and my strike pad mat in a matter of days. I took it right outside, didn't even read anything, it was so intuitive and just started hitting them. WOW - great feel, great design, great product. I can see my ball flight, I can practice different things, i.e. grip, clubface position, stance, etc. with the Birdie Balls without having to spend $8 at the range every time. My practice time is going up already and I know it will pay off at the course. Continued success with a great product. I would recommend this product to anyone! I'm a believer in the Birdie Ball and would recommend these to anyone.

Allan Julian

Great Present!

I gave the Birdieball to my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutly loves it! I can't get him away from it! He believes its already helping him with his swing and game! Thanks so much!


What a Training Aid!

Each year my wife tries to get me something for golf that typically not useful toward my golf game or improvement. This year was an exception. Birdieball is the coolest training aid I have used. Easy to use out of the box and truly lives up to the description on the box. My yard is big enough to hit balls in but I usually tear up the yard some. The mat takes all the abuse. You get instant feed back and I have learned quickly how to move the ball left and right. No danger of breaking a window and can take it anywhere without damaging anything. TY, TY, TY. Great golf training aid.



Fun to Use

Not only is your product educational, it is fun to use. My 11 year old grandson and I used it in my back yard yesterday for over an hour. We marked off a spot in the yard and kept score on who got inside the target. It was somewhat motivational for my grandson. He’s not much for practice and he didn’t realize that while he was having fun – he was also practicing. In October, our family went to Myrtle Beach and I took some lessons from a local pro, Glen Davis at Whispering Pines GC. I have been so impressed with your product that I wrote Glen and suggested he take a look at it. Birdie Ball allows me to practice his drills in my yard without wasting ten dollars of range balls doing the same drill over and over. I suggested to Glen that he take a look at it and possibly recommend it to his students in the future. Hope he follows up. Many thanks

Ed Johnson

Thanks For a Great Product

Dear John - What a wonderfull training tool the birdieball has become for the golfers in my family.I took the birdieball to work and everybody who plays golf tried it and loved it.

Eric K Attleboro, MA

Golf Life - This is the full video which ran on Golf Life TV on Fox Sports Net.

Perfect Practice

John and Paul: Please feel free to use the review below in any way to help sell your wonderful product. Best of luck. Review: Wouldn’t it be great to live in a golf course community with free anytime access to the driving range? Bridieball, makes this possible to anyone with an average sized backyard. Comparing Birdieballs to other practice golfballs, whether of the plastic wiffleball variety or those made of foam with a solid core is like comparing a wood shaft to one of today’s nanotech engineered graphite shafts. Birdieballs fly exactly like a golfball, only for a shorter distance. Not only that but they offer you are hitting a performance golfball. You can feel the difference between off-center and sweet spot hits. In addition, the ball offers enough resistance to mark impact tape, so you can farther optimize your practice time. It is hard to appreciate the feedback provided by the sound of a Birdieball in flight until you try it. The manufacture describes it as a turbine in reverse, unfortunately, I have never heard a turbine in reverse. I would describe the sounds as barrummmmm, a very satisfying low pitch sound that registers in your sub-conscience. I realized this while playing a round after working with the Birdieballs for a while, every time I hit a good shot (and that happened much more after using the Birdieballs) I noticed that in the back of my mind I was hearing that low pitched barrummmm. Practice makes perfect as the old saying goes. Birdieballs make it possible to hit a couple before work. Hit a couple after work and before dinner, and hit a couple in the evening before the sun goes down. I have used many practice aids, clubs and read books in the quest for the perfect swing. Nothing and I mean nothing has improved my game more, while being fun and easy to use. I am not in anyway connected to the folks at Birdieball and would be happy to talk to anyone considering buying this product (via email to verify this. This is one golf product that has really blown my socks off.

Greg Steele – Philadelphia, PA

Another Use of BirdieBalls

Jay, Just want to let you know that I have been practicing using the Birdieballs and have improved with my irons to the point that I know now that the shot is going to be good over 90% of the time now. The confidence level has gone up greatly. The great thing about the Birdieballs is that you can slow down your swing to try and get the mechanics right and still be able to see the flight of the Birdieball. I have also found another use of the Birdieball and that is to drop two or three around the shaft of the 3 iron or similar iron and use it to warm up with. The additional weight is just right and you can add more if needed to loose up with and strength your muscles. Best money I have spent in trying to pursue the game of golf.

Best regards,

James D. Miller Jr

Great Family Product!

This is a great product you have created. My mom and dad got me the birdieball set for christmas and it was one of the best gifts that I was given. I have even got my mom out side to hit across our yard. This is a great way to get people who don't like golf to finally like it. Thank you so much for all of the fun that you have created for all of us.


Letter from a PE Teacher to Other Teachers

I began including golf for grades 4-8 about 5 years ago. We have a large soccer-sized field and my class size varies from 22 - 32. I have tried Cayman balls (dimples go out which restricts flight, they are light weight and pretty good for limited space), yellow foam balls (not the soft foam but a compressed foam, a bit expensive but reduced worries about errant shots hitting anyone) and just this spring found the best product, Birdie Balls. This company offers a poly mat and napkin ring shaped "ball" that flies like a golf ball but no more than 40 yards. The mat can be placed on the grass or pavement and does not slide or "fly" like carpet samples and keeps your grass from being dug up. The mat is forgiving as it has a slight curve under the front part that gives as you hit the ball. This is great for beginners as the club slides on the mat a bit so it is forgiving and provides a feeling of success when the ball actually goes somewhere. By using the mats as "tees," I was able to set up 6 holes around our field so students could practice playing the game. I used hula hoops for greens with a cone indicating the hole. We didn't putt but they had to hit the ball into the hoop to finish. They kept score and I put a max of 5 or 6 strokes per hole to keep things moving. When teaching with Birdie Balls I did have students hitting back and forth to each other. I side would hit and ON SIGNAL the others would retrieve. With other types of balls I do NOT have them hitting towards each other. Each student gets 5-6 balls, usually they are partnered with one hitting line (use cones) and one waiting line (about 10 yards back). After everyone hits I signal "RETRIEVE" and they run out to pick up balls. A bit of aerobic activity with golf. It feels like an Easter egg hunt!

Julie Starks
St. Rita School
Racine, WI

My 4 Years Old Loves The BirdieBall

I purchased the Birdie Ball through your e-mail advertising, and they not only improved my swing tremendously, they also became my 4 years old boy's favorite golf toy. He has always loved going to the driving range with me, but due to his working class dad's limited time, the drive to the range was never frequent enough for the future Tiger beater. But since the arrival of Birdie Ball, the Lefty( yes, my boy is left handed) has been able to work on his short game a lot.


Great Service

This message is for Jay...Thank you for doing what you said you would. You do not find many vendors these days that are this helpful...I do appreciate your time and trouble to assure that my order gets here in time for Christmas...Thank you I will let others know about your service.


Great Customer Service

Dear Paul, I greatly appreciate all you did today.... I can't think of many other companies that would be in contact with a customer as you have been, and the assistance you offered today was a huge relief to me. The person receiving one of the birdie ball sets has had an extremely difficult year but is trying to get into golf as a form of therapy. I thought this would be a great gift for him as he can get out and practice in the back yard. The golf course is simply not a possibility right now for him. Thanks again so much for your help and understanding. Hope you have a great holiday!

Lynn Quilty

Improving My Game (And My Wifes)

John, The yard practice with the birdie balls has made a real difference in my game. I parred five holes at my local course after practicing with the birdie balls. My slice is almost completely gone after working on my form. Also, my wife, Wendy, has been practicing in the yard with the birdie balls. The very next game, she got a birdie on a par 3 hole. Her first birdie ever! The drive dropped the ball on the green and a perfect putt put the ball in the hole. Practice with the birdie balls has given us the boost we needed.

Paul Hicks

Absolutely Fantastic

BirdieBall folks, Ordered a set of 12 with strike pad several weeks ago. I have purchased numerous swing aids and gadgets over the years and all eventually were retired to the attic. None lived up to their billing...Birdieball is different. Instant feedback on swing errors as well as instant feedback on my good swings. Ability to shape shots is a huge deal and worth the cost all by itself. My daughter is 7 yrs old..loves golf and is with me every Saturday at the driving range. BirdieBall has done wonders in a short time for her swing and confidence level. Awesome product-got one for my dad as a christmas present. Final note..I am in the military and my birdieball set will accompany me on my next trip to Iraq. Outside of missing my family, the worst part of being in Iraq was not being able to pick up my clubs and play a round or two of golf. With BirdieBall I'll be able to work on my swing when I get the chance.

Sincerely, Scott Wilson

BirdieBalls Lowered My Handicap

I started out the season with an 18 handicap and because of the practice I was able to get using Birdie Balls in my driveway and yard I finished up the season with a handicap of 14!!. Next year my goal is 10. Keep up the good work.

David Fitzgerald

BirdieBalls are great for teaching Girls in California

The BirdieBall has been perfect for our school golf program - LPGA/USGA Girls Golf of Pauma Valley, CA. I am the Site Director for this new golf experience in our little village. I have purchased 8 boards and will need to buy more I have found that the boards define a space for each girl -- 30 girls in our Saturday classes -

safety is one of our main concerns Do you have special discounts for schools?

I have some neat pictures - Today we placed an egg on the board - to push away for a smooth take away - then placed the egg next to the birdie- club head between the two - smooth take away and a nice birdie hit - fun - and so focused.....

A radio/magazine personality is Denver now plays BirdieBall with his daughter

Hello John- My producer finally gave me the set you kindly left for me at the Denver Golf Expo. I began working on a new swing change earlier this year with minimal results on the practice range. There's a big field near our townhouse and I decided to take the birdie balls out to work on my new swing to see if I could feel it. My wife finally had to call me at dusk. Birdie Ball gives me all the feel of an actual golf ball without the trouble of chasing them. They are perfect in limited areas and allow me to see if I've hit the shot I'm attempting. My 12 year-old daughter has shown an interest in golf. She now wants to go with me every time I practice with the birdie balls. If you're interested in giving some to us to give away on the air, please contact me at the magazine.

Jerry Walters In The Fairway

A father saves money and has more time with his daughter

Thanks John. I remember seeing you in the video clip on your website. That video clip is what sold me on the idea. Last week, I sent your website's URL to a friend in Canada (Doug Alger, who I meet up once a year in Montana to play several rounds). He wrote back and said he immediately ordered a strike pad / dozen ball set as he has a park that extends out from his backyard.

My daughter did indeed have fun. This was the second time I've worked with her on her swing. The first time, I spent $8.00 on a bucket of balls, all of which just trickled out from the hitting mat. With BirdieBall, we can do a lot of work at home and not "waste" balls at the range. When she's built her confidence and a repeating swing, then we'll go the range more.

We go on vacation to my wife's mother's ranch in Montana for three weeks every year. I hit balls from the back yard into the field (wedges only). However, I have to wait until the hay is cut which we don't do until 10 days into our vacation or I'll lose all of the balls in the waste deep grass. BirdieBall will be great because I can hit "24-7" from the backyard down the driveway road coming up to the house until the hay is cut. Plus I can work with my daughter and her swing everyday for as long as she wants to hit. That kind of work with BirdieBall will speed up her development and allow me to get her onto a course sooner.

Thanks for axis versus circumference explanation. I understand better now.

You can use any of the above text for testimonial on your website and/or product literature if you want.

Thanks, Mike

About BirdieBall - Summary Video "...they're slicing, they're hooking"

A beginner gets great customer service


I read about BirdieBall in a recent copy of BusinessWeek. I had the opportunity to try it out and it's great! I'm a total beginner (got my first set of clubs a few months ago--have yet to play a real game of golf) but looking forward to many hours of practice with my BirdieBalls.

I'm delighted to receive such excellent customer service! I will be recommending your product & company to my friends.

Best regards, Daniel

Playing back and forth at a park


I got the back and forth set. How cool is that?! Bob and I took it to the park and hit 'em for about an hour. Now my dad and brother both want sets. I was really impressed with the product and it's really fun.


High school training aids


Product is great I love it; I'm using them in my High School as training balls, in the gym. We'll need more soon!


Our new spokesperson...Janis


Thanks for a great product. We will be glad to be a spokesperson for the product.


BirdieBall isn't just another short distance ball


Some people may look at BirdieBall and shrug it off as nothing more than another short distance practice ball. But marketing BirdieBall as a teaching practice tool which can directly benefit the rhythm and tempo of someone's swing might easily be worth the investment in a dozen.

Best of luck the rest of the year and I'll be keeping an eye on your progress.

Rick Young

Aaron is impressed in Philly

How Cool is this!!!

I watched the Info-mercial and was total impressed with this new product. I do a lot of demo'ing here in the Philadelphia region and like to try new things. I saw this product and was very impressed, it has been a long time coming, but the need for a true feeling, flying practice aid is long overdue.

I only wish you came up with this 7-8 years ago, absolutely love Denver and surrounding area's, I was born and raised 127 miles north of you in Laramie, Wyoming and have been an avid golfer for the past 5 years, I could have used this then and will most certainly use it now once I can get my hands on it! Can't wait.

Anything I can do to spread the word for you on the East coast or help with demos, let me know!! I wish you guys the best of luck and success.



Engineering Marvel?

Cool Idea

I am not much of a golfer but I am super impressed with the Birdie Ball. I am an engineer by trade and I have to give you two thumbs up for innovative design. I can't believe the price point either - a superb design at an easily affordable price. I hope your product is a winner.

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